Introduction to playing online keno

Online keno is a comparing game that has several similarities with bingo. The game is often played like a lottery in most modern casinos. Keno is one of the oldest form of games that you will come across in the online casino world. The amazing thing is that the game is also well accepted among younger generations. As there are improvements in technology, the game started gaining waves online. The online version has a slightly overwhelming interface in that they are a lot going on. However, if you can take time to understand what each option stands for, you will find out that the gameplay is quite easy. In this article, we will take you through what online keno is all about and how you can start playing the game. If you like to learn more about playing online casino games, you can check out za-onlinecasino .

How does Keno work?

Keno simply involves get a scorecard with different random numbers and betting on getting some of the numbers on your scorecard drawn from the keno machine. The higher the number correct matches, the higher your win. Typically, 20 balls are drawn and you have 80 random numbers to match any of those 20 numbers. The game is not dependent on your skill. This is the reason it is widely accepted. A beginner could win as high as someone who has been playing the game for several decades. You can play the game physically which is the first mode of play when the game was invented. However, over time, players can also play the game through telephone. Your odds of winning is the same as when you are in the room. Below are the platforms you can play online keno

  • PlayFrank Casino
  • Frank and fred

Some online casinos are even advanced enough to give players a live casino experience. They allow the player to play with a real live dealer while they use some options made available to make their choices. The online keno version has been made robust in such a way that you can enjoy an amazing experience even while playing from your mobile device. However, to play online keno, you need to be registered at an online casino that offers the game. First, you need to identify the online casino that offers the game and confirm that the online casino has a license. The license is there to ensure that their activities are monitored. Also, make sure that the body that gave them the license is a recognised gaming authority. This body should be recognized in the jurisdiction that the online casino is found.

After you have confirmed the licensing details of the online casino, you can then look at the compatibility of the online casino. The online casino must be mobile friendly This is necessary so that when you start playing with your mobile device, you can easily access the online casino anywhere you find yourself. Also, the online casino must have a history of fast payout since this is the ultimate goal of most players. When you finally find an online casino, you just need to register and find the keno game available and start playing. When you first load up a keno game, you will be asked to choose 10 different numbers from a list of 80 numbers. Twenty different numbers will then be randomly selected and these numbers will be compared against your selected numbers to see which one matches.

There are different options you can use to improve your game while playing online keno. The keno has an autoplay feature where you can continue comparing a set of numbers you have chosen with the randomly selected numbers. You can use the clear option to remove all the numbers you have previously selected in order for you to select a new one. The bet option can be used to choose different bet values between 1 and 1000. When you have at least 5 correct matches, you win coins. The higher your match, the higher the number of coins you get. If you do not want to be choosing numbers every time, you can decide to use the random button to randomly select numbers for yourself. Online keno game is quite easy to play and follow along, you should check it out.